ConsultKK Warehouse

The real estate world has changed drastically over the last few decades. While the industry has evolved more slowly than many other sectors, this makes it the perfect industry for innovative thinkers. With the growth of digital media and technology, real estate agents and investors have a plethora of ways to innovate their business model.

At ConsultKK we provide customized solutions to meet your business and logistics needs. Our warehouses cater for customers who require general, transit, bonded and cold room warehousing in Guwahati, Assam. Our operations allow for dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations in an environment that is modern, spacious and secure. Our streamline warehousing system allows you to monitor your inventory as well as provide shipment instructions remotely.

Our tea warehousing arm provides storage facilities for the produce of most of major tea estate companies participating in the ConsultKK auctions. The modern tea warehouse offers a dedicated service, employing the latest technology including a fully automated procedure to ensure quality of produce, through minimal handling and safe storage.

Beverage Packing

We blend and pack tea into consumer packs with a wide range of specifications as guided by our customers' brands.

We pride ourselves on our ability to source and blend teas to precisely meet the varied and demanding tastes of individual customers. Blending consistency is achieved through the rich experience of our tasters who each counts over 30 years in the trade. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that we process customer orders keeping to strict delivery schedules.

The goods go straight from the manufacturer to the warehouse and then to our homes, eliminating the display racks, store fronts, retail outlets, salespeople, and everything else in between those stages. The most unassuming stage — and the stage that is increasingly important in modern commerce — is that warehousing stage, where products rest and wait for consumer volition to awake them from their slumber.

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